When discussing pallets and sizes, here are some helpful hints to assist you in knowing how to describe a custom pallet, or knowing what questions need to be asked.  Hopefully, this will be useful in defining exactly what you need.  Because the more specific you are, the better our product will suit your needs.


Begin with the basics:

  • What size pallet do you need?
  • Will the pallet need to be 2-way or 4-way? Forklift accessible from both sides of the pallet?
  • How many boards would you like on the top?
  • How many runners or stringers would you like on the pallet? You will normally find 3 on most pallets.
  • Lastly, how many runners do you need for the bottom of your pallet.


Helpful hints to help determine your unique pallet:

  • How much weight does your pallet need to support?
  • How often will your product be moved on your pallet?
  • Is the weight equally distributed on your pallet?
  • How much space needs to be allocated between the top boards?
  • Will your pallet need to be shipped overseas? If so, then we will need to order a heat treated pallet.
  • Should your pallet require heavy duty lumber to support additional weight?
  • Does the pallet need to be accessible for a pallet jack?
  • Does your pallet need a wing tip?
  • Does your pallet need a solid top?