Our Products:

New Pallets

We manufacture new pallets in our new warehouse using state-of-the art systems.  We use primarily pine wood and we sell regular and heat treated new pallets.  Each pallet is designed according to your specifications and needs.  We build heavy duty pallets, as well as the traditional standard 48 X 40 GMA pallets.  Heat treated lumber is used for our customers who are shipping their products overseas.  We have a unique stamp that is specifically designed for us to denote that these pallets have been built with heat treated lumber.  We have winged pallets, heavy duty pallets, combo pallets, display pallets, half pallets, solid top pallets, and just about any size you can imagine.  Just ask our customers and they will tell you….we build a pallet to meet YOUR needs!

Recycled Pallets:

Recycled pallets, in our industry, are called. GMA or (Grocery Management Association) pallets. These pallets are 48” in length and 40” wide.  Typically, these pallets are graded in two different ways.  We sell both #1 and #2 used GMA pallets.

Our #1 used pallets are 4-way pallets with three good stringers and may be used many times.

Our #2 used pallets are also 4-way but the stringers have been repaired with blocks to support the pallet.  This is a great pallet for one time shipping needs.

Re-Manufactured Pallets:

We used re-claimed wood to manufacture these pallets according to your specifications.  We pride ourselves on being environmentally green, so there is very little waste in our business. We will build a pallet created just for your business and according to your design.

Crates:  We will build crates and boxes according to your plans.  We partner with many customers to help them ship their products using crates.  Just call us today and we will work with you on a special design.

Partnership Opportunities:

We have many clients who participate with us in a pallet buy-back program.  If you are interested in learning about how this service works, just give us a call.  We will buy-back used pallets from you that you are not using and recycle them at our warehouse.  We have specific specifications to adhere to regarding size.  We certainly look forward to designing a program unique to your needs.