Pallet terms can be confusing.  Hopefully, this diagram and simple explanations will assist you in deciding what type of pallet will serve your needs.  As always, we are available to help you with your selection of pallets.


Deck Board– Element or component of a pallet deck, oriented perpendicular to the stringer or stringer board.

Flush Pallet- A pallet with deck boards flush with the stringers, stringer-boards or blocks along the sides of the pallet.

GMA- Grocery Manufacturers of America

Length- Refers to the stringer or stringer board length; also refers to the first dimension given to describe a pallet i.e., 48” X 40”, where 48” is the pallets stringer length.

Notched Stringer– A stringer with two notches spaced for fork-tine entry, (partial four-way entry).

Pallet Dimension–  When specifying pallet size, the stringer is always expressed first; for example, a 48” X 40” pallet has a 48” stringer and 40” deck boards.

Recycled Pallet– A pallet that has been repaired for reuse; also known as a refurbished pallet or reconditioned pallet.

Repair-  To remake in order to use again.

Remanufactured Pallet–  A pallet built from either all reclaimed (used) lumber or built from a combination of new and reclaimed lumber.

Stringer-  Continuous, solid or notched beam-component of the pallet used to support deck components.  Often identified by location as the outside or center stringer.

Wing-  Overhang of deck board end from outside of stringer.